Warning! Piracy Detected! – Ransomware

If you recently got a pop up to this effect, have no fear.  You are not about to get subpoenad.  Ransomware is malware that tries to literally extort the user into purchasing  something or paying some amount of money.  This is usually done by threatening to send a cache of internet history to everyone in the user’s contact list.  And this latest one is a douzy.

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New Service! – Reformat + Recovery Partition – $120

You know those dandy recovery partitions that just restore everything back to the way it was when you get into a pickle?  Well now you can have one too!  Despite make or model, we at C&M are able to create a separate partition on your hard drive, accessible via a disk (one we can make again for you if you lose at any time, or you can make yourself!)we will provide.  When your computer goes loopy or you get virus infected, no need to bring it back in, just back up your data and run the restore program and you’ve got a fresh, running like new computer again that just needs some software updates.

It’s a bit of a bold move, we know, it takes us a bit out of the loop.  But hey, we’ll get by.

Scareware Alert

Apparently there’s quite a bit of Scareware going around 😦

Scareware – Malicious (bad) software intended to scare users into paying for software which can fix their computer’s issues.  The computer issues referenced are always fabrications.  Usually presents as a pop up or other window that lists a generic antivirus name and states an unwieldy amount of virus infections.

I’ve had around 6 computers come in with scareware issues since Monday.  Keep those antivirus programs updated!