Your iPhone is Secretly Tracking Your Every Move

Actual image of tracked movements recovered from an iPhone 4.

Yet another reason to go Android, your iPhone is recording data about your location.  That’s everyone with an iPhone 4.  And here are three bone chilling facts that make matters even scarier.

1. It tracks whether or not you have GPS on via cell signal.

2. It stores the data in your phone and your computer.

3. That data is also sent to Apple.

This means if you lose your iPhone or have a computer stolen which synced with it, that information is at the disposal of whoever has your equipment.

Buyer Beware.

Read the original story on DVICE.


New Desktop PCs, Introducing Peripheral Packages, New Website


Many of you may have noticed that the website has been redesigned.  It has a newer darker theme, a customized logo’d header, and we believe reflects CM computers much more effectively than the old design.  As far as content goes, all the pages have remained the same except for the Custom Builds page, which is now known as the Desktop PCs page.  The web URL will be changed in a months time to  This is due to the innaccuracy of the previous name “Custom Builds.”  All of the computers on that page aren’t actually custom builds, but rather CM built desktops.  And if we do say so ourselves, they’re a powerful and elegant bunch of PCs.

All of the PCs have been redesigned in one way or another, and the only one with the same chassis is the Equinox.  All other computers have brand new looks and they’ve all been changed in one way or another internally. Some have gone up in price, most have gone down, all for good reason.

CM Equinox
Pictured above is the Equinox, CM’s customer appointed flagship PC. It sports a new more elegant chassis, a larger hard drive, and a 3.1 Ghz rather than a 3.0 Ghz dual core CPU, all at the same great price.

Also new to the Desktops page (and the entire site for that matter) are our peripheral packages.  Starting at $180, the peripheral packages all include a monitor, keyboard and mouse combo, and speakers. For the low price of $630 and tax this means you can purchase a CM Reliant and Peripheral Package 1.

Peripheral Pack 1

Pictured above is Peripheral Pack 1 which includes a 19" monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and a 2.0 speaker system.


We hope you enjoy the new site layout and hope that you, our customers and visitors will give us any feedback you like.  To do so, simply check out our Contact Us page above or by clicking the previous link, and fill out the contact form.  Also, you can visit our Desktop PCs page above or by clicking the previous link.


Chester Gifford

CM Computer Repair Technician

Laptop For Sale – Acer Aspire – $250


Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic

CPU: 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon 2650e

Ram: 3 GB DDR2 PC25300

Hard Disk: 160GB

Optical Drive: DVDRW

Video: 15.4″ Glossy LCD with ATI Radeon x1200

Wifi Standard: 802.11g

Features: VGA Out, 2 x USB 2.0, Headphone Out, Microphone In, Ethernet (RJ-45)

Installed Software: Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus), Open Office (Free MS Office Alternative)

Full Disclosure: Laptop is preowned and has been professionally refurbished.  Power cable to laptop has been damaged and repaired during the refurbishing process.  Laptop has been recovered to factory specs, then tuned up and optimized for peak performance.  Laptop is sold as is and without warranty of any kind.

Electrical Storm Got You “Down?”

It’s always a good policy to keep your computer on a surge protector.  Every cable which runs from outside to your computer should be surge protected, this includes phone lines or coaxial cable if you have a tv tuner.
Also you’ll want to make sure that you have a surge protector and not just a power strip.
A power strip looks very similar to a surge protector but rather than protecting from over or under-voltage it simply splits a power source.
Many surge protectors come with high priced warranties (into the hundreds of thousands of dollars) and if you register them any equipment that get damaged while plugged in to said surge protector will be completely covered by the warranty (how hard that is to collect on I wouldn’t know ).
However if you do end up getting zapped, I’m more than happy to take a look at your computer.  Some computer repair shops will recommend an entirely new computer if there is an overvoltage.  They’ll claim that the entire computer has been compromised and is unreliable now.  This is untrue. Bring it to me and I’ll gladly get it fixed up for you so long as it’s not a heaping pile of melted silicon

New Website

So obviously the website has changed a bit.  Just wanted to address this.  I decided it was a bit dull and wanted to use my new logo designed by a close friend Alex Barton.  I also added it to the domain  So if you type that address into your web browser it will come straight here, rather than having to add the .wordpress in.

Thanks for all your support 🙂

McAffee Strikes Again

It seems that aside from crippling unwitting general consumer computers with its bloated software and overzealous antivirus software, McAffee has decided to go after its corporate clients as well.  Yesterday McAffee issued an update for its corporate customers which listed certain windows files as threats.  When that file was deleted the computers running the McAffee agent were stuck in a continuous loop, rebooting over and over again.

McAffee later issued a replacement update for download and stated that “We are not aware of significant impact on consumers and believe we have effectively limited such occurrence.”  Effectively McAffee washed their hands of their flummox, leaving hospitals, schools and businesses all over stranded in a sea of useless computers.

Just one more reason C&M advocates Free antivirus software.