New Desktop PCs, Introducing Peripheral Packages, New Website


Many of you may have noticed that the website has been redesigned.  It has a newer darker theme, a customized logo’d header, and we believe reflects CM computers much more effectively than the old design.  As far as content goes, all the pages have remained the same except for the Custom Builds page, which is now known as the Desktop PCs page.  The web URL will be changed in a months time to  This is due to the innaccuracy of the previous name “Custom Builds.”  All of the computers on that page aren’t actually custom builds, but rather CM built desktops.  And if we do say so ourselves, they’re a powerful and elegant bunch of PCs.

All of the PCs have been redesigned in one way or another, and the only one with the same chassis is the Equinox.  All other computers have brand new looks and they’ve all been changed in one way or another internally. Some have gone up in price, most have gone down, all for good reason.

CM Equinox
Pictured above is the Equinox, CM’s customer appointed flagship PC. It sports a new more elegant chassis, a larger hard drive, and a 3.1 Ghz rather than a 3.0 Ghz dual core CPU, all at the same great price.

Also new to the Desktops page (and the entire site for that matter) are our peripheral packages.  Starting at $180, the peripheral packages all include a monitor, keyboard and mouse combo, and speakers. For the low price of $630 and tax this means you can purchase a CM Reliant and Peripheral Package 1.

Peripheral Pack 1

Pictured above is Peripheral Pack 1 which includes a 19" monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and a 2.0 speaker system.


We hope you enjoy the new site layout and hope that you, our customers and visitors will give us any feedback you like.  To do so, simply check out our Contact Us page above or by clicking the previous link, and fill out the contact form.  Also, you can visit our Desktop PCs page above or by clicking the previous link.


Chester Gifford

CM Computer Repair Technician